Annual performance review as a powerful management tool

Have you heard these sentences before? :

  • “I don’t know exactly what they want from me. It’s not easy to work without direction.”
  • “The goals that are set at the beginning of the year are constantly changing. It is impossible
      to evaluate the results.”
  • “I don’t know what people really think of me. I’m told when I’m not doing well, but never when I’m
      doing well.”
  • “I have the impression that job advancement and opening are more at the customer’s head.”

These sentences describe a poorly controlled working environment which, if you are not careful, can degenerate into absolute ambiguity and arbitrariness.

As with a person, there is a concrete means of assessing the health of a company.

This means taking the pulse of each person who is a link in the chain of cooperation.

This is primarily the benefit of the performance interview, which is the culmination of a close and continuous hierarchical relationship.


The annual review is a close look at the professional activities of each employee in the team.

It enables the quality, scope and efficiency of each individual’s professional activities to be assessed and evaluated. It is intended to promote dialog and communication and increase the level of competence.

Well prepared, well done and well used, the annual performance review is a powerful management tool

  1. The indispensable for preparing N and N+1
  2. The indispensable for the conversation (applies to every relationship and every conversation)
  3. The indispensable for the agreement that is negotiated between N and N+1

Here (€ 55.20 after registration) you can download everything you need (tips and detailed forms) for a professional interview between N (the employee) and N+1 (the line manager):

  • Detailed topogram of tips for preparing for the interview
  • Detailed topogram of tips for conducting the interview.
  • Form for the review
  • Form for evaluating social competence
  • Form for assessing the ability to cooperate and reach consensus
  • Form for assessing leadership quality (if required)
  • Form for improvements to be made
  • Form for new goals and required training
  • Training and development form
  • Form for signing the agreement between N and N+1.
  • Presentation, organization and process of the review in 46 slides