Is coaching the solution?

People and companies offering “COACHING” of all kinds and colors are in abundance on the Internet, with or without “CERTIFICATION” from this or that “training for coaches” organization, federation or other, in return for payment of course!

The good news is that you don’t need a coach, because the best coach for you… is yourself!
You can get to know yourself better than any coach ever could in a large number of coaching sessions and fees. You don’t need a coach to tell you what to do and how to do it through “so-called” coaching, who will also stick his nose in your business!

So how do you go about it?
Take stock of your current skills and compare them with the well-known requirements for professional and social success. Then, and only then, will you know exactly where you stand in relation to yourself and the needs of your working environment.

Your skills assessment will show you how:

  • Stay motivated and achieve your goals
  • Manage your workload
  • Improve your self-confidence in the task in hand
  • Manage stress and stay motivated
  • Improve your social skills
  • Gain acceptance and understanding from others
  • Improve your enjoyment of the task and be more successful
  • Improve your « prestige »
  • Take control of poor work organization
  • Manage an overly restrictive culture that leaves no room for innovation
  • Use criticism
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Take control of your emotions
  • Improving your confidence in life
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your job satisfaction