Effective Presentations

Effective Presentations

Self-confidence is the product of our assessment of our ability to cope with events and our evaluation of the challenge posed by the events themselves.

We become what we think!

Here more than anywhere else is self-confidence required.

  • Did you already face a public when you were completely bloqued not being able to keep going with your presentation?
  • Or dancing back and forth with some “euh” and “hum” losing the thread of your speech?
  • Or talking to the wall where same words or pictures are shown with a projector or other similar device?
  • Or loosing control because of your nervousness?
  • Or seeing that your public is bored?

When you are in front of an audience, the sounds of your voice and the actions of
your body proclaim, for all to see and hear, your control or lack of control. Whether
you are in charge or your nervousness is in charge

Do not let it happen, stay in charge!

It’s effectiveness that stimulates interest and listening!
If any presentation fails to promote understanding, acceptance and action on behalf
of the audience, it cannot be justifiably called effective and many people are loosing their time!

The following is an aid to any presenter wishing to be heard, listened to and, if necessary, to generate action. You’ll find pages and pages of advice on how to speak in front of an audience on the Internet. The following will suffice, and if you give it your full attention and strictly adhere to all the points mentioned, you’re sure to succeed. The main points are:

5 essential concepts

body attitude
– mental preparation
– preparation
– what not to do
what to do

  • The opening or introduction
  • The body or main part
  • The closing or conclusion

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