Learn and practice managerial success models

Vertical, directive management is dead, but many managers don’t realize this and still believe that organization, directives and pressure are the key to success. While in the past these attitudes produced good results, today they only produce frustration, disengagement and mediocrity. Research carried out at Harvard, the Max Planck Institute and in the management practice of successful companies shows that these ways of doing things are wrong and lead to lost productivity.

  • The company’s problem: Personnel costs!
  • Management’s problem: Staff dissatisfaction!

Self-development begins with self-assessment! The participant’s behavior is compared with models recognized as necessary for the success of today’s business. These models have been scientifically established at the Max Planck Institute and confirmed in practice. They are effective, highly reliable and the basis for personal, professional and social development. Through role-playing, the participant’s behaviors are highlighted and redirected towards more appropriate behaviors, responsible for fulfillment in the workplace, and the success of the team and the company.

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