The Recruitment

The recruitment

**Recruitment and selection of staff**

Whether it is the Managing Director, the CEO, an executive or an employee, selection during internal or external recruitment and the development of the skills necessary for the position are the key elements of the company’s success. And nothing can justify approximations.

Even with the help of a professional, recruitment remains a perilous exercise for the company. The ground must be well prepared, and then the graft must take hold.

Pitfalls to avoid :

    • Let a firm do everything
    • Do it all yourself
    • Have recruitment handled by the accounting or HR administration
    • Present the candidates to the hierarchical superior and let him decide
    • Disclaim responsibility on the team through separate interviews and majority vote
    • Having too few choices
    • Rely on what we think we know and the “feeling”
    • Hire based solely on professional qualifications
    • Use a headhunter
    • Be too wary of atypical profiles
    • Rush
    • Not controlling and ensuring choice
    • Plant in bad soil

    Important and essential points :

    • The definition of the mission, the job profile and the job description.
    • Have enough candidates to ensure the best possible choice
    • Safe rating of the candidates on the essential dimensions for professional success:
      • Social competence
      • Will to succeed
      • Load resistance and stress
      • Commitment
      • Personal responsibility
      • Communication
      • Capacity to adapt
      • Motivation

    How to do it :

    Recruitment is a process whose objective is the performance of the company.

    We don’t recruit haphazardly! Good recruitment is integrated into the overall vision of the company, its mission to its customers, its evolution and its growth.

    The company must therefore be present in the process of selection and integration of the new employee, but it does not need to assume its management or possess the skills necessary to ensure the  Good choice. The best method remains that of external support from a specialist, that of fair advice, the use of procedures and tools that have proven themselves.

    Our method, supported by an expert system allows you:

    • to stay in control
    • to benefit from specialized support
    • to take an informed decision
    • to efficiently arrive at the best choice
    • save a lot of time
    • ensure the integration of the new collaborator

    Ensuring the right choice and putting the right person at the right place are the best things you can do for your business.

    Choices based solely on interviews, degrees, and certificates have a maximum success rate of 18%. Don’t take that risk…, it’s expensive…, all things considered, about two years’ salary.

    Qualification of intangible factors and success potential